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Never Forget 27

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To commemorate Sam (#27), we are offering fans this special t-shirt at our cost to remember and show support for one of Nebraska’s finest. It is our hope that everyone will see this offering as a humble and sincere effort to remember our fallen hometown hero.

With the passing of our much loved Player, our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family, friends, teammates, coaches and fans. Sam will be missed not only for being an all-time great Husker punter, but even more so for being a great person and leader.

Sam lived every Nebraska fan’s dream by walking on to play for the Huskers, earning a starting role and earning scholarship…we are all so proud. Last year, Sam became the All-Big 10 punter and was a favorite for becoming and All-America this year. Sam did all of this while being an excellent student and taking time to give to the community. Guys like Sam are very rare and we were very lucky to have him as one of their own. 

#27 (Sam) will be missed, but never forgotten!