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Butter Flavored Popcorn Seasoning Salt

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  • SKU: N1-BNEB5020
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This lightly butter flavored popcorn seasoning salt is the perfect complement to our Gourmet Popcorn selection. It comes delivered to you in a reusable 4oz. mason jar style shaker.

About Good Life Premium Popping Corn

Our mission is to delight you with the world’s most delicious popcorn. Our select gourmet popcorn is harvested at the peak of perfection and carefully stored to guarantee that you are receiving the freshest popcorn possible. Our hand selected popcorn is tastefully packaged, making it perfect for gift giving. Try some for yourself or share the taste of Nebraska with friends, family and colleagues.

We offer four select varieties of Nebraska grown gourmet popcorn:

  • Yellow Tender Flake: Large golden yellow popcorn that can take on butter like a champ without losing its classic popcorn crunch.
  • Fluffy Round Mushroom: Extra-large sturdy yellow round popcorn that is perfect for making caramel corn, popcorn balls or the addition of your favorite flavoring.
  • Tender White: Premium tender white popcorn that is famous its tender light chew and amazing popcorn taste.
  • Premium Red: The Best of the Best in Nebraska popcorn. Legendary for its superior flavor, fluffy white pop and very tender husks. Oh, not to forget the kernels are Nebraska Red…coincidence?

Our gourmet buttery popping oil and buttery popcorn salt are specially formulated to give you best tasting popcorn you have every eaten…we guarantee it!